A Guide to Jewellery in Auckland

11 Apr by ryanbefair

A Guide to Jewellery in Auckland

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A diamond willed to her grandmother years ago inspired a self-confessed obsession for jeweller Michelle Wobcke, who founded ‘by appointment only’ jewellery company Godavari Diamonds eight years ago. The bespoke brand focuses on transparency, offering customers full disclosure of their diamonds’ origin and only using conflict-free ethically sourced stones. Godavari also produces their own line of eco-friendly engagement rings in New Zealand, ensuring every ring is made to order for the perfect fit and crafted with care.

What is the right hand for engagement ring?

A brand that believes in authenticity, Meadowlark jewellery is a go-to for self-possessed men and women seeking something to stand out. The team of designers are inspired by streetwear and skate culture when crafting their edgy designs, which are often adorned with feathers and crystals. Their work has been worn by the likes of Lorde, Rihanna and FKA Twigs.

Choose from their collection of diamond engagement rings in their Auckland’s Diamonds On Richmond gallery or custom design a unique piece for yourself. The team at Lustre have a passion for the craft, and are dedicated to delivering a personalised experience. Lustre’s expert team offers the highest quality jewellery, and they always offer fair prices – it’s the Lustre way!

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