Log in to the Real World Portal and Start Learning

10 Oct by ryanbefair

Log in to the Real World Portal and Start Learning

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Log in to the real world portal and start learning.

Real-world logins are essential security tools that help to verify users and prevent unauthorized access to systems. However, they offer limited levels of security and are easy for hackers to intercept or for users to forget. This makes them an attractive target for cyber criminals who can steal these credentials and use them to gain unauthorized access to systems and cause reputational damage.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to login credentials. This process requires a second piece of information to confirm the user’s identity, such as something they know, like a PIN or passcode; something they own, like a code stored on an authentication app or their mobile device; or something they are, such as their fingerprint or facial recognition. 2FA is often required in online banking and other secure environments to protect against sophisticated hacking techniques that can’t be mitigated by a username and password alone.

Student LMS logins show signs of circadian rhythms and social disruptions

NEIU students’ login behavior showed clear evidence of daily cyclical activity patterns (A). A double-plotted actogram (or raster plot) of their hourly login activities from one semester demonstrated daily cycles with an apparent sleep window in the late night to early morning time period (B). On days with classes, students’ login behaviors exhibited noticeable crenulations that aligned with class schedules. These results support the theory that misalignments between endogenous circadian rhythms and the built environment, or “social jet lag” (SJL), can negatively impact student learning.

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