Mens Necklace Pendant Trends

17 Mar by ryanbefair

Mens Necklace Pendant Trends

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A mens necklace pendant is a great way to add an element of style to your outfit. It can also be a meaningful way to express yourself and show that you care about the people and things that matter to you.


Chains are one of the most popular men’s necklace styles as they add a sophisticated, refined look to your wardrobe. They’re available in a variety of materials and colors to match any style or occasion.

Leather Thongs

Leather thongs are a more casual take on chain necklaces, often used with a long pendant. They’re comfortable and breathable and work well with casual wear and modern style.

Stainless Steel Ball Chains

Stainless steel ball chains are a more utilitarian option for longer necklaces. They’re easy to maintain and won’t be too noticeable in a crowd.

Religious Motifs

Religious necklace designs have always been popular. They fill people with a sense of a powerful power that’s omnipresent.

These designs can be Christian crosses, Stars of David, or Fleur de Lis.


Another timeless men’s necklace pendant trend is freshwater pearls. They’re an excellent way to elevate any look and are a perfect gift for anyone looking to boost their confidence.

Sif Jakobs

A Scandinavian jewelry designer, Sif Jakobs creates all of their jewelry from sterling silver and focuses on a rectangular design spun through various different twists.


A surprisingly subtle brand, US-based Miansai offers signature men’s necklace pendants on chains or waxed cord. Whether you’re looking for a nautical theme or something more sophisticated, Miansai has got you covered.

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