Portable Oxygen Near Me

29 Jan by ryanbefair

Portable Oxygen Near Me

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Reclaim your independence from oxygen tanks with a lightweight Portable oxygen near me. Bellevue Healthcare carries an extensive selection of portable oxygen concentrators and related accessories from top manufacturers like Inogen, Respironics and OxyGo. We can help you determine which POC is best for your needs.

Is it OK to sleep with an oxygen concentrator?

When choosing a portable oxygen concentrator, consider factors such as weight, FAA-approval, flow type and battery life. You should also discuss your prescription and your future oxygen needs with your doctor. It is important to note that a prescription for home oxygen equipment and supplies from your practitioner is required for Medicare coverage.

If you require a lightweight, easy-to-use portable oxygen machine, look no further than the Inogen One G5. This compact and discreet machine weighs just 5 pounds with a single battery and can be stored in a small carrying bag that fits under an airplane seat. The Inogen One G5 features a battery that lasts up to 5.5 hours and a quiet operating volume of 39 decibels. It offers three pulse settings to accommodate varying levels of oxygen requirements and has visual and audible alarms to keep you safe.

If you want a slightly larger portable oxygen machine that’s lightweight and easy to use, the CAIRE FreeStyle Comfort is an excellent option. This medical-grade device is lightweight, durable and comes with a mobile cart and accessory bag to make traveling with oxygen fast and convenient. The CAIRE FreeStyle Comfort features pulse dose setting ranging from 1-5 and 9 power levels, as well as SeQual AutoSAT technology to maintain a consistent level of oxygen in the air regardless of your breath rate.

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