Tourist Places in Vizag

11 Aug by ryanbefair

Tourist Places in Vizag

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The number of Tourist Places in Vizag attractions in Vizag is endless. From the INS Kurusura Submarine Museum to the TU 142 Aircraft Museum, this city will have something for every traveler. From ancient monuments to beaches, you’re sure to find something to excite you. In addition to the beach, you can also visit the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Submarine Museum, and other historical sites.

Here Are Some Places You Can Find Them

If you love history, don’t miss the TU 142 Museum, located on Beach Road. This museum has displays of various artifacts including life-size portraits, fighter plane models, and tanks. This museum was built to commemorate those who fell fighting in the Indo-Pak war. There’s also a VR room for those who want to see a replica of the submarine in its original form.

The Buddhist temples of Bavikonda and Bojjannakonda are worth a visit. These monasteries were carved in rock over a thousand years ago. The beautiful caves are decorated with Buddha statues, and the Buddhist temple is an important religious site for visitors. In fact, the monastery was discovered during an aerial survey conducted by the Indian Navy. Major excavations were conducted here from 1988 to 1993. The site of the ancient Hindu city of Thotlakonda, which dates back to the fourth century, represents an important part of Indian history.

There are many places of worship in Vizag. The iconic Shiva and Parvati statue on Kailasagiri hill is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Located on a hilltop, the park is accessible by roadways and ropeway. Several other tourist attractions in Vizag include the Shanku Chakra Nama, Jungle trails, and Shanti Ashram. There’s even a floral clock at Kailash Giri.

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